Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Ok where do I go, where have I been.... and a few photos :)

For months, I have been pretending I don't have CRPS...... but you know what no matter what I do, I know I do have CRPS, I can't hide it. 

Ok lets go back a few months, I had a reasonably good summer, the nail business was starting to take shape, I purchased every imaginable tool possible to help with the business and things started looking good. I decided to give up the study for a semester so I could focus on building up the business as well as looking forward to the trip to the Gold Coast. Because of the trip (we were going away for 3 weeks) I didn't so much do customers, but used that time to up-skill and practice etc. The reason I didn't push the customers was that I was going away for 3 weeks and knew I would need a week or two to recoup after the trip, so 5 weeks was a long time to be away with new customers. 

By the time the trip was getting near, I was feeling pretty good and positive about the whole trip, I had rested heaps and worked on my fitness beforehand, we arrived at the Gold Coast and it was warm, the temperature was averaging 21-23 degree's and nights were about 15-17 degree's just perfect. I did many things like visiting 'David Fleay, went 'Whale Watching' and got to see awesome whales so close, it was amazing. We went to 'Byron Bay' and 'Nimbin', caught up with some old friends and so much more. I paced myself excellent, and for 3 weeks I felt 'normal', if I didn't count having to take 30 odd meds a day to get through. Don't get me wrong, I was still tired etc but it was a different tired. The temperature there was perfect for my CRPS. I just felt so right, I loved catching up with people, I love how friendly everyone was, I loved the atmosphere, I loved the lifestyle, I loved everything about it.... I have mainly videos of the trip, which I am editing and will post on youtube when done. 

The only down side of the trip was the puppies were in the kennels and Chico had a seizure, she gets stressed with rain, thunder, fireworks etc and of course being New Zealand we were smack bang in the middle of winter with lots of rain and wind, we think because we were not there to comfort her she stressed so much and had a seizure. We were lucky the kennels were quiet and she had only a small amount of puppies so they got to live inside the house :). But this of course when we found out put a damper on the trip a little. But when we went to pick them up they were so excited to see us and she looked perfect :). 

Because I was feeling so good, I thought i would do 4 papers for study - remember I was feeling normal, (full-time and also I would graduate) and also still work on the business, well here we are week 2 and I am failing - well thats what it feels like. I can't do it, I can't do full-time study, I can't do the business as well, I am tired, I am so sore from the cold weather, I am so sick from not just the pain but the stress of trying to be normal (if that makes sense). I have had diarrhea now for nearly the whole time I have been back - I am sure it is stress from pushing myself but may have to go to the doc and get it checked out. I am losing weight which is not a bad thing for me, but sadly it is not the right way and am now getting run down. Now remember diarrhea for me is rare, I am usually so constipated that it is not funny. 

But right now I feel so down, I really believed I could do this study, even if you took away the business I still couldn't do it. I am continuously nauseous from the stress - I know what I have to do, I have to drop some papers at least 2 if not 3 or 4. Am I f**ked off you bet, I am so angry with myself, yet the sensible side of me is going to don't be stupid you have a pain condition you are on 30 meds a day, of course you are not going to be able to do it all..... But I want to do it all, I want to feel how I felt at the Gold Coast, I want to feel normal, is it really so bad that I want to be just normal again. CRPS suck and right now I hate it...... I don't normally complain about it but I am. I am sure next week, next month I will feel better but for now I am going to hide under my rock again for a while. 

Here are a few photo's of our trip, not many and not that exciting but soon the videos will be up :)

"Tropical Fruit World"

View from our Apartment - On the 3rd picture they are building a 6 star hotel there for the Commonwealth Games for 2018. (You need to look through the trees)

"Harlem Globetrotters"
This was awesome :)

This place is interesting lol - got asked twice if I wanted a smoke :)

This place is free and a must do well I think so, it is not huge :)

So there you have it, just a few pics from the trip, will do the videos soon I promise :)

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Just a quick post....

Very quick and short post, we are back from holiday, had an awesome time. Internet was limited hence why no updates will be updating on youtube soon the vlogs - will let you know when. 

For 3 weeks I felt like a normal person, pain was very low, walked heaps (well for me anyway lol), feel relaxed and all ready to go... Trying to get used to the cold weather back here, and hate it......

On Monday I start pushing the business, and also am back studying, I am so close to graduating, time to knuckle down and finish the degree, so will be very busy for the next 16 weeks :).

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Some changes....

First off I had been having negative vibes about our trip, couldn't really pinpoint why or what.... anyway we decided to check on trip advisor again where we were staying as it had all 4 or 5 stars up  until last night when we checked, all of a sudden out of the last 6 comments 5 were rating it 1 or 2 stars... everyone was saying it was dirty and people who had been going for many years said they wouldn't be back there anymore. So last night we decided to cancel that place and book in somewhere else, which had all 4 or 5 stars and 1, 3 star. We could only book in till the 4th July, and as it is the marathon that weekend, we couldn't find anywhere else for the last 4 or so days, so we have just left them blank and in the meantime hope they get a cancellation lol - or we will go down towards upper New South Wales and stay there somewhere. We will decide when we get there :). And once we had confirmed our booking for accommodation I felt so much more at ease....... so 4 weeks tomorrow we will be on our way. 

Another big decision we made was moving out of Rotorua, though I am desperate to move to the beach, I know emotionally I am not ready to handle a move, so at the weekend we decided we would stay here in this house (yes the house that was David and his ex), but I did make some conditions, that we make cosmetic changes and also we redo the deck that is rotting. So last Sunday we went shopping, now I know David is more conservative and I am more well out there lol. Anyway we have come to a compromise in furniture that we both like so on Sunday the shop we love happened to have a 30% sale on furniture so we got this dinning room table and chairs and yes there is one chair different but thats what I like about it. It is heavy and made out of recycled boats and stuff, I LOVE it and David LIKES it lol. 

We also got his coffee table, and over the next few months we will slowly change all the furniture to this style. As the tables has blue in it, we are going to focus on that as the main colour :)

For now we are going to work on the lounge, dinning room and kitchen, to add a bit of colour for now we added these patchwork poofs :)

Here are some of the stuff I still want to add to the lounge, not sure which cabinet out of the two in the top row, and thinking the blue one, and am thinking the long unit in the top row maybe for a TV cabinet. The lantern in the second row comes in a set of 3 in different sizes, so will get all three. 

Basically everything we will look at buying is all from this one shop "Exotic Imports" - I am so in love with their stuff :)

For the kitchen we are going to get this jug and toaster - just waiting for Noel Lemming to have a sale as I can't seem to find out anywhere else who sells this style - it is from their vintage collection.... we are also going to look at different accessories to brighten the kitchen up. We have red tiles on the wall behind the oven we are going to swap them to a blue and hopefully we can change the handles on the kitchen cabinets. 

All this furniture will suit the style of house we will be buying in a few years time, there is still many other changes in curtains etc that will all need to be done as well. 

Steph's friend is doing ok, she came home from hospital yesterday, and still has a while to go, she still has difficulty in breathing, her lungs will never work 100% again and she can never drink again (which is not a bad thing probably) as her kidneys are stuffed - so she has a long road ahead of her, and I hope she is strong enough to cope. We went to see her in hospital last week when in ICU and when she woke up the smile on her face was amazing as she had only family visiting, and was so happy to see us. 

Anyway thats about it for now, catch you all soon - oh yeah weigh in yesterday a gain of 400 grams - not worried about it, no use stressing about the past :)

Monday, May 11, 2015

Did another week really go by....

I started doing the 'Walk Away The Pounds' in the post below if you want to know more. I am loving it, I work so much harder than walking outside, cause the pain level is a lot less not being out in the open cold temperature and also no uneven footpaths to worry about. Anyway with the exercise I managed to lose 1.7 Kilos this week - I am stoked :)

Mothers Day was yesterday, David, Steph and I went out for lunch and she got me this cool clock for Mothers Day. Didn't see Chris he was sick so told him to stay away, I don't want or need it :)
5 weeks on Wednesday till our trip to Aussie, we were going to get Steph to look after the dogs, but have decided to put them in a kennel, it is a place where they can keep them inside with the family, if they are a little timid. So going to check them out this week sometime, then drop them in there for a night or two, just to check they are ok with it and if so then thats where they will stay. It feels a little funny this time, as we have no real plans for our trip this time, we are for 3 weeks and just going to do whatever we feel like on the day pretty much :)

Now some not so good news, a close friend of Steph's OD'd a week ago, she is still in ICU and not doing very well, it makes me so sad that these kids feel that life is so tough that they have to do this. She is a fighter, and she is a lovely girl, so positive vibes that she will pull through ok, we are going to visit her maybe Wednesday. We are keeping in contact with her mum regarding visits. 

Anyway I am out of here, my nail tach is coming around to do my right hand nails properly I attempted them last week with acrylics and they are looking a bit out of shape so she will redo 3 of them, so need to get the acrylics off ready for her. But here is a pic of the better hand :)

Have a great morning, afternoon or day/night wherever you are :)

Keep smiling and stay safe :)

Monday, May 4, 2015

Time to catch up....

So where have I been.....  not doing much, well I suppose have been doing stuff but nothing exciting, have decided to keep the blog as one again :)

First off on the weight front, I have managed to lose a whole 2.6 kilos for the month of April, well actually I am happy with that considering :). Exercising has been getting hard until I discovered "Walk at Home" on Youtube...., as the days are getting colder it is harder to get outside and walk with CRPS, so this morning I tried this, I loved it, I didn't need to worry about the temperature change from inside to outside, I didn't need to worry about tripping over uneven footpaths, I could go at my own pace - there are many different levels out there from Leslie Samson, so go check it out. Last night the pain just would not go, so out came the TENS machine, it really is a life saver in the winter :)

The nail business is going slow, I am lucky I am in a position that I am not relying on the money else I would have gone bust, but it is still a lovely distraction and still loving it. I will get there I just have to market myself different to what I have been. As for distractions I only have 3 papers to finish my degree so am going to be doing those next semester, so that will keep me busy :)

Our trip to the Gold Coast Australia is next month just 6 weeks on Wednesday, we are there for 3 weeks, speaking of Australia we have decided not to move there in 18 months like planned, when we actually got down to the nitty gritty, we both realise that then is not the right time, we still plan to move but not in 18 months, when the time is right it will all fall into place. So that meant we have to change some plans, I do not want to live in this house forever, or even in Rotorua for ever, I need to be by the beach.... it is my saviour, the place I can relax and feel good at. So now we are tossing up between Tauranga/Mount or Napier. I would love to go to Napier, but David is thinking Tauranga, but we are not going to talk about that till after our trip then we will make some decisions on what the future holds :). 

The kids are doing well, Chris is in Auckland, and I am not sure if I mentioned that he got back with his old girlfriend and she is living in Auckland now as well with him. He is doing a personal training course and working for his dad part time, he seems to be happy :). Steph is still in Rotorua living with her boyfriend and they are doing well there, so thats all good :)

The puppies are doing well, Rusty just had his op on Friday (neutered), and got microchipped, we waited for the microchipping till he went under a  general anaesthetic, as it is less traumatic, we did the same for Chico. Anyway while he was under we got the vet to check his hind legs as on occasion when we pick him up or he is playing a little rough he whimpers, anyway he has hip dysplasia. At this stage we are just going to watch it and feed him a high calcium diet etc.... if things get worse we will X-ray and go from there, at this stage it is just a mild case he said and there is not a lot that can be done right now. 

Anyway I think thats about it for now, will update soon promise so please don't leave me :)