Sunday, April 23, 2017

Yip me again.....

I am loving getting back into things like fashion blogs/vlogs and makeup blogs/vlogs again, I am enjoying that I am wanting to start looking good, by wearing makeup and taking pride in my appearance. 

Pain: I had been stopping taking panadol regularly, but have started back taking them regularly,  as the pain was increasing quite a bit, and hoping that will help a bit, (panadol is a good pain relief for nerve pain, if taken regularly), the main goal for now is to come of the opiates. If I can get my pain meds down to panadol and tramadol then I will be happy and I will stay at that for maybe a month or two and then try and decrease those..... I also hope to come off the Amitriptyline to help with sleep at night. 

There are some amazing nail techs coming out from oversea's doing some classes, I just want to be more with it, so I can attend them. They are not cheap so I want to be alert with them, was hoping this year would be the year I would be able to do the comps at the Beauty Expo in Auckland in July, but not sure if that will be possible. It is every 2 years so it means 26 months till the next one, though I can enter some Aussie comps etc, where you post in the nails etc, so that could be good :). 

Rusty has completed his hydrotherapy from his Patella Surgery, we now go back 4 - 6 weekly for maintenance and to keep an eye on his other leg, here is a photo from straight after surgery and a small video from hydrotherapy, we took him to Te Puke weekly for his sessions.

Rusty Night of Surgery

Miss Chico :)

Have a long weekend here again, well for some - David has taken the Monday off and Tuesday being ANZAC day, means another long weekend. Not many plans, yesterday I did nails and David took Rusty to his last hydrotherapy. Today we are just relaxing as I am pretty sore and not doing the best today. Tomorrow I want to finish spring cleaning the kitchen, or maybe just another lazy day. The weather is changing to winter slowly - colder mornings and nights, time to drag out the heater and use it.

I am back into cooking meals from scratch again, which I am enjoying, love being more with it and being able to do more..... 

Anyway thats about it for now........

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Yip another one..... A post that is :)

I have had a few good days, cleaning the pantry, fridge and this coming weekend it will be all the kitchen draws etc...... I have pain when I do nothing, so I may as well do something and have pain.....

Had clients today and for the rest of the week, so all my energy goes on that. David has Monday off, so another long weekend for him and I, as I do Mondays as paperwork etc..... Though on Saturday I am working for a couple of hours, doing a set of acrylics on Steph's friend for her 21st.  Over the weekend, I plan to find some beginner yoga video's, I think the stretching etc will do me good. I will do a video of the nail room on the weekend. I have nearly come to an end on the methadone, am so excited, I certainly feel so much better having reduced it, a lot more alert and feel a lot more normal, even driving is becoming more enjoyable and cant wait till I can drive to the beach etc, I so miss the beach

Have just started watching 13 Reasons, about 1/3 of the way through, its interesting and it appears to be causing quite a debate worldwide. 

Am going to set myself 2 goals each month, 1 for the business and 1 personal goal, I will list them at the end of each month, ready to start on the first of each month - it will be goals I can achieve in a month, so nice and short goals.

What I have not been loving:
The spasm, hypersensitivity and burning sensations that are coming back as I come of meds, but I am not going to let them beat me. 

What I have been Loving:
Is being able to keep in touch with my cousins in Holland, love Facebook etc for that, I met them once when I went to Holland many many many many years ago...... and we are planning to go again within the next 5 years, when I am a lot fitter and healthier :). 

Anyway thats it from me, catch you soon and have a great weekend, if I don't post before that :)

Monday, April 17, 2017

Ok where do I begin.....

About 12 months ago, or maybe a bit beforehand I decided to make the business become a full time venture, I knew this would require some changes in me, like coming off all meds, yes you heard right coming off ALL meds.....

Not only that it meant that I need to get healthy as well, and yes that means fitness and weight loss. I have already started the weight loss and have lost 6.1 kilos since end of Feb. I have no time frame..... how am I doing it?, well at the moment, not really having to try to much, as I have pretty much constant nausea most days, though I have joined Weight-watchers, but have not even used it - yip waste of money but I paid for 3 months, so not a lot I can do, I keep thinking this week I will track, but I don't lol. I am going to start doing some yoga this week, need to build up strength. 

Went to the Gold Coast again last year, we wont be going this year as we have/had huge vet bills. Rusty had 'Patella Surgery', he was a stage 3 just before Christmas, this was $2000 plus hydrotherapy every week for recovery was $30 a session, last session will be this Saturday thanks god, he is doing well now, though his other leg is looking like it might need the same surgery. Then there is Miss Chico, she has a 'Collapsing Tracheal', and we are looking at surgery. I am pissed because both these things are heredity and has come from breeding without getting the parents genetically tested. I will never ever purchase a mixed breed without knowing if the parents are genetically tested, and they have come back clear, thats if I ever do buy another mixed breed dog. They also believe this is what could have caused Chico to have the seizure. Chico's surgery is anywhere between $2000 - $5000. Yes the financial side is not good, but breeders need to be more responsible nowadays and not breed unless genetic testing has been done. 

Onto other things, the twins are doing well, Chris is up in Auckland, has a really nice girlfriend, so glad the other one left, she was a right bitch, cheating on him etc. He has a job that pays well, lives with his dad, doing all these wonderful things, diving etc and turned into a right jaffa, with a boyz car and loves labels. Steph is in Rotorua, still with her boyfriend, been a few years now, living with him and working, so both kids are happy and doing well :). 

Not sure what else to say for now, I am sure there is more but I am now watching 13 Reasons.... and its getting interesting, so going to sign of and veg out a bit. Yesterday I cleaned out the pantry and am paying for it today......

Updates will be minimum weekly, but even be daily, or just whenever.

Hope you are all having a great Easter weekend, take care, stay safe, and keep smiling :)

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Back soon :)

Yip I promise to be back with an update :)

Monday, August 15, 2016

Just a quick update....


Hi all, just a quick update lost 600 grams this week, so happy with that :).

I am thinking with my blog, I may start a post throughout the week and then just continue adding to it, when I have something to say, cause if I leave it, by the time I go to blog, I have forgotten it lol, or I cant be bothered writing out a bigger post - so I will trial it this week and see if that makes it easier :). I may even come back later in the day and add to the post, we will see....

Went to the doctor last week, waiting to see specialist, where he said they will prob refer me for a scan, and he is 99.9% sure it is not CRPS related, that does scare me just a little, at least if it was CRPS related I think I would cope better, anyway trying not to think about it to much :(

I will do each day in a different colour so that will make it easier for you to see if there is an update :)

Friday, August 5, 2016

Yeah I know another week or two has gone by....

Yes I know, I did mean to come back but..... anyway on too things weight first, lost 300 grams, since my last weigh in 2 weeks ago - so as long as I don't gain, I will be happy.

Nail business is going well so thats good. Have 3 clients today and 2 tomorrow :).

Have a doctors appointment next week Thursday in regards to the CRPS and new symptoms, I am not going to lie, I am a little on the worried side.

Last night went out to dinner at the Mount to A Taste of Asia, as Davids niece is leaving today for her big OE, 2 months of travelling then working in the UK for 2 years. Good on her, she has a job to go too, so thats all good :). Now why does everything have to have capsicum in it, I hate it, I hate the smell and anything that has touched it. Last night I had Sweet n Sour Pork, this one had so much capsicum in it.....  yes I know I should have asked  but I just didn't think it would have it in it, for whatever,, so David ate it. I did have a deep fried ice-cream for dessert though and that was yummy. This is the first time I have been out at night in a bloody long time, usually the night meds have kicked in and I am falling asleep. 

This weekend will be quiet I think as David is not well, coughing and spluttering everywhere, he has gone to work to finish stuff off, but expect him home early. Theres bound to be rugby on this weekend, so that will make him happy, he can sit and veg in front of the TV all weekend long :).

Anyway need to get ready, first client coming soon, need to get the washing out and in the dryer and put a face on :)

Have a great weekend all, hope to see you next week :)

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Yip another post......

This week I lost 1.9 kilos, not really doing any actual diet, just watching what I eat, and trying to move a little more.

I am going to the doctor in about 2 weeks, to talk about my foot slipping, am I worried hell yes, but what will be, will be :)

I am loving my Apple Watch so much, if I don't stand for an hour, it tells me to get up and move lol. What I really love is how it tells me how many exercise minutes I actually do in 1 day, I seem to average about 5000 - 6000 steps a day, when home, but I only do about 2 - 5 minutes of actual exercise, so though I am clocking up the steps, I am not getting my heart rate up, so I need to work on getting the heart rate up for at least 15 minutes a day to begin with. So that's my goal for this week, exercise in the zone for minimum 15 minutes for at least 4/7 days in the next week. :)

Have not really been up to much, last week was busy for work, this week was a little quieter, so I had a bit of a catch up week.

One thing I am loving, is that the days are getting a fraction longer, I tidied up the deck the other day, and now it is looking nice and some days it's warmer outside than inside, was nice to get a little fresh air after all the rain and cold. I am so over wet and cold weather. Hope to sit out in the fresh air a little tomorrow, I feel so much better if I get a little sun on the body :)

Caught up with LeeAnne for lunch yesterday, that was nice, with lots of things happening, it had been a few months :).

Am thinking I might start vlogging again, won't be daily, well vlogs may be daily, but will be uploaded only once a week or maybe twice a week. Will let you know my YouTube channel if I decide too.

Nothing exciting has been happening, so on that front I will say....

Keep Smiling and Stay Safe Jaxx :)