Monday, July 25, 2011


ChrisH - I certainly am not ruling out cycling in the future, for now it is out, as I can not even hold the handle bar as my wrist still does not move much... Only time will tell if I ride again......

For the first time I actually felt scared about this CRPS, as Saturday was painful, Sunday morning went to the Polynesian Spa to see if that would ease the pain... which it did for a while.... and this morning at 4.30am I woke up with the most horrific shoulder pain, was it part of CRPS, was it the way I slept I have no idea, I have never had shoulder pain in my entire life I don't think..... well nothing like I felt this morning, after tossing and turning for about 30 minutes, I got up and went and got the wheat bag on it (heated of course) and knocked back some pain meds and started feeling better, well the shoulder did anyway. 

I am certainly noticing changes in my arm now, like the colour of it, the temperature of it...... and will be interesting if she measures the ROM (Range of Movement) as I feel as though I have gone 10 steps back over the last few days. 

The kids came home yesterday and today I have hand therapy, and thats about it for now. 

Hey Blondie any news on your friend and what she felt maybe CRPS???

Back from hand specialist, no wonder my hand/wrist was sore the swelling has gotten worse again, and the ROM has gone backwards, so back to wearing the glove etc..... shoulder has been fine all day so hopefully it was just the way I slept. Must admit it does feel much better wearing the glove etc... my hand is nice and warm :-)

Oh yeah I must mention that I have not officially been diagnosed with CRPS, only the pain doctor can do that, but I have all the symptoms, hence why they are treating me for CRPS with the meds and therapy. I also have a mirror now do to mirror therapy. 


  1. I hope you do get back to riding your bike one day... as I know how much you enjoyed it.
    I know all about shoulder pain... ouch!

  2. She hasn't look into it any further as her surgeon keeps saying she shouldn't have any pain and his SURGERY is fine etc etc but I am working on going to the next doctors appointment and seeing what he say's. But the more I say about your arm and hand wrist I think she is swaying towards she needs to do something it has been nearly a year since the surgery and she is not right.