Thursday, July 21, 2011


And the battle begins..... short version is that the surgeon said wrist is fine where the surgery was..... and yes it is but what he can not see is the nerve damage etc on an x-ray, so basically he said fine to go back to work next week.... so ACC rung yesterday as they found a letter from him which said not to wear a splint and back at work on the 26th July...... so tomorrow when we have our work meeting the ACC worker is going to see if I can start back maybe an hour or two a day....... Hello I can not even hold 500 grams in my hand without excruciating pain and my hand getting the wobbles and dropping it within seconds.... so how the hell am I suppose to lift soft drink bottles, beer, and other heavy stuff and not just one item but many in things in a minute...... 

Have just rung my hand therapist and she is going to ring ACC and say if they put me back to work now, then I will do more damage than good, and that there is no way I am ready for work. She can not wait till I can see the pain specialist, has he deals with CRPS, unlike a surgeon who looks at an x-ray and says yip all is good, we don't want to see you again, the pain specialist will look at everything. I don't have pain where the surgery is, I have pain in the top of my hand, the palm of my hand has pins and needles constantly, I have sharp shooting pains in my arm..... I have severe pain around my thumb area. Right now my hand is getting sore from using the keyboard though I am using my mostly with the right hand, and when I am resting my left hand, it is throbbing, from overdoing it. 

Last night I did a test, I took the splint and glove off and cooked dinner which took say like 30 minutes, and that was using my right hand more than my left... and boy did I pay for it even with pain meds, and during cooking the meal, I was sweating with pain and was close to vomiting with the pain. I was waking in the night with the pain..... so you tell me how the hell I am suppose to be doing checkouts. Even this morning my wrist is sorer than what it has been in weeks. 

But fine if they say I have to go back to work I will, wont be might fault if I am sweating like a pig, and dropping bottles of wine cause of the pain and vomiting at the checkout, (sure the customers will love that) cause that is what will happen. I am very lucky I have an excellent boss and I am sure if those things happened he would advocate for me not to be there either..... lol...... Don't get me wrong, I do want to go back to work but I also don't want to do what I have done in the past go back to things to early and then have problems for the rest of my life like my ankle for example. And hell when I can not even cook a basic meal without getting ill, then I have no shit in chance of doing checkouts. 

Anyway am seeing my hand therapist this afternoon, so will be interesting to see what ACC have to say after they have spoken to her.  

Here is a small video of my thumb throbbing, I always find it highly amusing to watch lol..... it does it all the time.....  and a photo of the scar and the hairy arm lol, hope you can see the video ok as it is not as clear when downloaded on here.... and Tracy yes that is what they are trying to say....



  1. Good Luck. Hopefully ACC will play fair and not try & tell you that the problems you are having now are unrelated to the accident or some other bull. We have all heard the horror stories about ACC so I have my fingers crossed.

  2. Makes my blood boil this does! ACC suck.
    I hope the pain specialist can help make ACC see sense.

  3. Wow, that is throbbing a lot. Hopefully the specialist has some good ideas for you.