Monday, July 18, 2011

GP Visit.....

Today I had my GP visit, I am being referred to Dr Stephan Neff, the pain specialist, so will be interesting to see what he can do. My GP also changed my pain meds now to Amitriptyline and Brufen. 

My hand therapist is also got me doing "Motor Imagery", with left hand cards, where I have to imagine that it is my left hand doing the hand positions. Next we will move onto "Mirror Therapy".  

Tomorrow I have my hand therapist again.... and also will be going to the Polynesian Pools as well. 

David my husband took a couple of days of work and my kids are in Auckland at their dads for the first week of the holidays, so today after my ACC appointment and GP appointment and my pain was semi ok today we thought we would make the most of a beautiful sunny day we went to Rainbow Springs.....

Just a couple of pics and a small movie of a Kaka - hope it works :-), sorry it is a blurry....


  1. So sorry your wrist is giving you so much pain!
    Rainbow Springs! I have not been there in over 30 years!!!!

  2. Holy crap, it is scary how something as a simple fall off your bike could have such a major long term impact. I am glad you had a nice day with David.

    Take care of yourself.