Saturday, July 23, 2011

She is home....

Today I picked up my bike, am not sure if I will ever ride her again though. I need to give her some color...

Today has not been a good day, am not feeling the best, not sure if it is the new med or what, also my wrist/arm has been so sore today. Not sure if it is cause I am not wearing the splint as much..... Also still must have quite a swollen hand cause I can not get my wedding and engagement ring on, well can get them on but they are far to tight to wear and need hand cream to get them off :-(.

Thanks Anne for suggesting I put the rings on a necklace, have the perfect chain that mum gave me before she got sick :-)

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  1. She is such a beautiful bike. I hope tomorrow is better for youx

  2. ACC are a law unto themselves IF you get no luck then TV 20/20 fairgo ANYONE that will listen I hope your wrist is better soon I suppose there is always the ombudsman too.

  3. Such a shame about your bike... she was so wanted and now... redundant!
    Maybe you can sell her on Trademe?