Sunday, July 31, 2011


I am not sure what I want to write today, just wanted to move yesterdays post down, so the first thing I did not see was Millie :-( - the house seems so empty.

Another big week this week, David finds out on Thursday (all going to plan), how many jobs will be going in his branch. The thing is we wont be finding out till later down the line who will be made redundant, or transferred or what, bloody government agencies know how to keep people in limbo. We were suppose to have found out this info a couple of months ago but typical they delayed it. So we sit with our lives on hold for a while longer!!!!!

Anyway as I said yesterday I am joining a Gym, thinking it may be Contours as they will do me a first month deal, I don't want to join if it is going to aggravate my wrist/arm. The hand therapist thinks it will be a good idea to join and I will use equipment where I can rest my arm, like the treadmill, bike, maybe cross trainer and then do lower body weights. I have done a few walks but the swinging of the arm makes it real sore after about 25 minutes. If the first month goes ok, then I will join for a 6 month contract I think at the gym. So plan is gym first thing in the morning, then head to the Polynesian Pools for a soak, that will take up most of my mornings. I was going to continue with WW online but because that costs, I am now going to go back to calorie counting with "My Fitness Pal" as that has everything I need on it including a barcode scanner now lol, and the best part it is a free app on my iphone. 

Onto my arm, as I said yesterday I think they meds may be working, as I seem to be having less pain in my arm and I seem to be able to do a few more things with it in the last few days..... fingers crossed. But then again I have not been doing the exercises the last two days much cause of my puppy and not being in the mood so that could be why it feels better. But will get back into it properly today. Just maybe I might be back at work sometime in September :-). Speaking of work, last week I had to go and see a recruitment agency about alternative work, (appointment paid for by ACC), I mean shit if I could do any of the jobs they suggested then I can go back to the supermarket, bloody waste of time........ and then in about 12 days time I have to go to a doctor (of course an ACC doctor), to see if I am fit enough for those jobs they suggested... (again paid for by ACC), hell I have not even been off work 3 months yet, a bit bloody presumptuous I think, and yes I am still waiting to see the Pain Specialist which is the most important factor in my arm getting better - again bloody government agencies. The money would have been better spent on sending me to a pain doctor. They just want me off ACC, so apparently in their wisdom, if their ACC doctor, says I am fit enough for one of the positions, (though there may not be jobs available in those areas), they can then review my ACC and cut me off.... well if that is the situation, then I will just go back to the supermarket and when my arm craps out again a month down the line then I will be paying ACC a visit again.... I mean yes I could understand this if I had been off work 6 months or more, but like I said it has not even been 3 months........ GGGGRRRRRR.

Anyway today's plans Chris is having a mate over, I am planning to go to the Polynesian Spa and then once Chris's friend has gone, might go for a walk around Rainbow and Fairy Springs. 

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