Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Things..... 20th July 11

Took my bike into the shop and it is in there getting some tender loving care, should be ready in the next day or two, so will be waiting for me IF I ever decide to ride again, I am thinking I will but will need to build up the confidence I think. 

I have aleo rejoined WW (Weight Watchers), mainly cause the meds I am on now, one of the side effects is weight gain :-(.  Today I went for a walk, only 3.4k's but was nice if rather chilly like 0 degrees, also by the end, my arm was getting bloody sore, so got dressed into togs and headed of to the polynesian pools for a soak, which warmed the arm up and did some exercises in the water. I also tried Freestyle and shit it was a no go my wrist was in great pain, so carried on doing a funny looking breaststroke lol.... Am trying to cut back on the pain meds a bit but am paying the price, so maybe not a good idea. 

Was suppose to meet the Occupational Therapist today but just before I was heading out the door to meet her she rung and postponed..... GGGGRRRRR.  Anyway meeting her and my boss on Friday morning now to get a back to work program up and running even though I have been given another 30 days of work. 

Oh yeah have a new splint which I can wear when not doing anything strenuous.... yip that is Emmerdale on in the back ground on the TV.  Quality sucks but heater is on, curtains are shut so is all a bit dim. 

Anyway thats it from me for now..... think I will go and take some pain relief, it is getting sore from typing.....

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  1. It would take confidence for you to ride again but it's only a decision you can make.