Friday, July 22, 2011

Yesterday I was pissed, today I am angry with ACC...... and UPDATED!!!

On Monday they approved the pain doctor, Dr Neff, yesterday after spending $45 at the GP's to get a referral letter to the doctor, they cancelled the referral, ACC did I mean. Also the GP gave me another 30 days of work.... well what a waste of time that was.... (there is an ACC surcharge hence the $45 - $30 GP fee and $15 letter fee). 

Yesterday I get a phone call, from the GP's office telling me that ACC are taking a different approach with me and ACC have cancelled the referral to Dr Neff - no I did not hear that from ACC but heard it from the receptionist at the GP. 

I was on the phone to ACC bloody quick asking why I had to hear that they had changed my plan from a receptionist at the GP's, there answer "oh we were going to tell you tomorrow".  Basically it goes back to the surgeons letter saying I would be fit for work as from next week. I said what about the GP's medical certificate, they said " they have rung him and asked him to place me on light duties". So I said that today I have another appointment again with the GP (another $30 later) and that if he still felt I was not fit enough for work would they accept that, there reply" we will question that if he does not place you on light duties". I then told them that they obviously thought that the surgeon was GOD and what he said goes, know matter what the hand therapist says or my GP. They have told me they would get me to see a pain doctor from ACC, which I don't really have an issue with but we all know what there doctors are really like.... I have asked for a second opinion from another orthopedic surgeon, they ummmed and arrggged and then he goes "I am only new here I will have to find out how and if we can do a second opinion". I have also decided that if I get no help from their pain doctor, I will pay to go and see Dr Neff private at a cost of over $600. 

So basically they think I am lying..... about the pain because one surgeon did not pick up on the CRPS. Hello if I was lying and did not want to get better, why would I have spent money on therapy stuff for my hand and $43 to go to the Polynesian Pools for a month....... especially when they are hardly paying me a high amount, I am only getting just on $200 a week. I have never in my 47 years claimed wages from ACC..... I have turned up at every hand therapy appointment, and every appointment I have had too...... but yes thats right I am just having them on and don't mind losing $200 + a week..... because I like sitting on my arse watching TV for $200 a week. Oh but lets forget about the fact that I have only about 10-15% movement in my wrist now, and it still swells up  (was 5%, but thanks to therapy etc it is slowly getting better) Bloody arseholes!!!!!!!!

I will go back to work next week for a couple of hours a day or whatever if I have to next week, but like I said don't blame me if I vomit up form pain or drop grocery items cause they are to heavy to hold...... I am lucky I have excellent bosses, we have a meeting today at work with the ACC case worker, the OT and my boss..... it will be interesting to see what work will say about having me back, I am sure work will be on my side especially if I can not do my job properly. Then later on  this morning I have an appointment with my GP, so will be back later and update you on the meetings.....

Oh the good news is that I have had the best nights sleep on the Amitriptyline...... the negative by the time I see the pain doctor, I will be on my full dose of Amitriptyline, and it should be helping with the pain, but I am sure ACC will say it is not the meds, but they were right and I was a lier.......

Oh and we have to remember that we are talking the very early stages of CRPS, so only have a few visible side effects, like the hair growth, fingernail growth, and you can't see the pins and needles in the palm, or see the pain though you can see the lack of movement and swelling, I do have the color change but unless you are with me longer than 15 minutes you won't notice that... I don't have the deformities, and the real obvious things cause the whole thing is to get it into remission before it gets worse..... and are ACC going to pay $900 for a MRI or whatever shows you nerve damage, hell I don't think so!!!!!

Oh and how can ACC make these decisions when I have not even met their Occupational Therapist yet.... oh thats right " Cause they Can" ACC WORDS!!!!!

Ok update, work don't want me back, at least while I have no movement in my wrist...... the ACC OT examined my wrist and realised that I was not fit for work, my ACC case worker did not say much...... so yip another month of or so and hopefully by then the meds will be working properly and I will have enough movement in my wrist to go back to work. So am feeling much better and I don't need to go to the GP this morning as the OT said we will use the certificate he gave me on Monday :-) I also am going to be seeing their pain doctor, I am on the cancelation waiting list, his name is Dr Allan Farnell, I think I have to see him in Tauranga. 


  1. Bugger - no surprises there though, ACC certainly don't do themselves any favours, I have yet to hear of anyone who has had a good experience (hell even a not bad) experience with them.

    Over the next couple of weeks, you need to document EVERYTHING about your pain, what you were doing, what the pain level was like, what drugs you take & when. Also, print out & have ready anything you can find about CRPS highlighting the exact symptons you have.

    Get copies of your Doctors reports/notes, same with the surgeon, pain therapist and anyone else you have seen. When you see any Doctors or Specialists, ask for copies of their reports (this is your personal information so don't let them tell you they can't give it to you).

    ACC will make this as much of an uphill and expensive battle just for you to prove what you are entitled to. Good Luck!!

    Shame your hand is too sore to slap the ACC case worker though lol.

  2. OMG what a fiasco!
    Keep fighting.. big corporations should NOT win all the time.

  3. I agree, keep on fighting. Also Just want to say Peter was put on the same med as you for nerve damage and pain and he had a bad reaction, just went really down and said he felt weird - good luck with it!

  4. I don't suppose you have medical insurance by any chance? Southern Cross will review any ACC declinatures for members free of charge.