Wednesday, August 31, 2011

And another exciting day ahead - Not lol....

Well the good news is the side effects I was having with the Gabapentin have all gone, I suppose that is what happens when you stop the meds lol..... am feeling semi normal now. 

Today off to the gym to do exactly the same workout as I did on Monday and no Tens machine, to see what my pain level is like this afternoon. 

Tomorrow the kids are up to Auckland as they have a week of school, study leave or something, and we will pick them up Sunday, and they don't go back to school till next week Thursday.

Not much else to report, god I have such an exciting life lol.....

Oh and ChrisH did make the banana cake found a simple recipe online and it was so simple and delicious. So will freeze the bananas now and make one every now and then, I usually throw out old bananas to but am trying to become a bit more domesticated now I have zilch else to do with my day. 


  1. You can freeze old bananas? Well I didn't know that. do you leave the skins on or off?

  2. Hey I see you sold your bike.. well done. I hope you got a decent price for it.

    We so love our puppies too!

    I know I said Pinky was not as pretty as the other two girls... but ignore that! She is really gorgeous now her eyes are fully open!
    AND she is the one who always comes right up to me when I go over by their box! She looks at me with her gorgeous eyes and literally asks to be picked up!

    Bee Bee is the most 'advanced' of all the pups, first to walk, first to pee on the paper, first to try and climb out of the box too!

    Tulip is the 'baby' of the litter... still the smallest, but very fiesty! She takes on her brothers in a play fight and gives as good as she gets. Shes really funny.

    I have to say ... I would keep all of them if I could! *sniff*