Monday, August 8, 2011

Bloody hell I hope this gets better....

First off the meds are knocking me around something chronic.... feel like I am drunk, can not handle heated rooms, etc.... On the weekend I felt like I was slurring my speech, though David said I was not. We went out for coffee a couple of times in the weekend, the warmth inside the Cafe's made me rather ill....

On Friday I did a bit of housework, and also prepared dinner, oh boy did I pay for that pain wise in the afternoon, it was the worst day I have experienced up to date.... I was in tears with the pain. On Saturday it was slightly better.... I thought the meds were suppose to help with the pain not make it worse lol - I know I know I have only been on them 6 days and I need to give it time. 

Right now I feel like I am taking 10 steps backwards..... am not looking forward to upping the meds any more, but I know I have to over the next week, then maybe once my body is use to it, it will settle down. 

It can only get better I hope!!!

Oh yeah and I think I will be selling my bike, as I am not sure I want to risk another fall.... will make a decision on this, this week. 


  1. You poor bugger.... my meds made me feel weird too... but yours sound even worse. AS you said, you need to give them time to settle and work with you.
    So sorry about your bike, you loved her so much.
    But I agree, don't risk another fall!

  2. Sounds like tough times. I can understand about the bike, must be hard as you really loved it!

  3. I am so sorry the meds are making you feel so bad, hopefully it will settle down really soon, being in pain is bad enough but even worse if the stuff to make you supposedly feel better makes you feel worse.

    It is such a shame about the bike, if you do decide to sell it I hope you are able to get another one in the future, it would be a shame for this to put you off riding completely.

    Take care & I hope you are feeling better today.

  4. Being in pain is so the pits but feeling queasy and off colour is more the pits, I hope it all settles down soon.