Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Good news finally..... well kind off!!!

On the weekend I got a txt, from Dr Neff (Pain Specialist - the good one), asking if I could see him on Monday, I rung him and explained that ACC had now declined his referral. So on Monday he rung ACC and whatever he said overrided there decision, cause he rung me back and said he would see me on Tuesday at 12pm. So yesterday he saw me, and what an awesome guy, anyway after looking at my arm and wrist he said yes I do have CRPS definitely.  

He said I am never going to be 100% pain free and my wrist is never going to have 100% full movement, which I knew...  we are looking at 60-80% wrist movement and pain free - which will be enough to go back to work,  so we now have a good plan of action... he has started me on new meds.....and also upped the Amitriptyline, and in another week it will go up again, I am also am wearing a Clonidine Patch where it is the most painful, and also am on Gabapentin and over the next few weeks will be increasing that. He also wants me to start Vitamin C tabs, Omega 3, and Vitamin B6 Tabs.....All the prescription meds above the common side effect of weight gain :-(.  I will be on pain meds for the rest of my life, and we are hoping it will go in remission, but the downside is that If I have another injury even something small like stubbing my toe it can come back again..... I now have to get my body fit and healthy and pace myself.... 

Anyway these combination of meds may not work and we may have to look at others, at the moment it is all wait and see......

I was going to join the gym but someone said just to wait cause if ACC see me at the gym and it is not part of my rehab they might think I am fit enough for work.... so now we are trying to make it part of my ACC plan, so hopefully will hear more on that today. 

So thats the latest :-)


  1. I am so glad you got to see the specialist you wanted, he sounds really good. It is scary to think that a simple fall off your bike has led to this.

    I hope the pain disappears.

  2. Yaaa for a final and definite diagnosis.
    Bugger about the gym, that sucks.