Sunday, August 14, 2011

I Love the Weekends....

Though I am currently not working, I still love the weekends, no appointments for me yay - though I still have to do my hand exercises and mirror therapy, I am a bit lax on those as well..... The kids are in Auckland this weekend, so David and I went to Rainbow and Fairy Springs - we go there regularly cause we have an annual pass.... did I mention I got a new camera the other day, was going to get a Digital SLR, but with only having 1 hand, changing lenses etc would be difficult, so I got a really good Point and Shoot. I am loving it, though I still have a lot to learn, but it takes my mind of the CRPS when out and about well some of it anyway..... and you have to love digital cause you can take as many photos as possible and not waste money paying to get them developed... so here are some photos of Rainbow and Fairy Springs....
                                            Our New Zealand Kea - Her name is Jenny
                                                 The Vicious Geese - well one of them
                                                        Ummm Forgot the name of this one
                                               Tuatara - through glass hence the spots
Rainbow Trout
The bottom one is Pounamu or what most people call Greenstone - it is huge and when you rub it you get good luck, so we rubbed it for my CRPS. 

After that we went to a cafe for lunch, which was really nice as the cafe was not to hot.... so I actually enjoyed it. :-) Then we went to David's mum for a bit and got some groceries and by then I was knackered.

The best time for me to do things is morning, am not so sore :-)

Anyway today the kids come home, Andrew (Their father) is bringing them down double yay..... so this morning not sure what we will be doing, will wait and see when David gets up :-)

Oh yeah went to the gym with my Physio, sorted out some of the machines I can do, now to try them and hope they don't aggravate the wrist. Tomorrow I am meeting him at the pool to work out some stuff for there. At this stage ACC have paid for a 6 week membership - but hey better than nothing. 

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  1. Rainbow Springs is a favourite place of mine. Magical memories of visiting when I was about 12 years old. Now that's a long time ago.... Love watching the trout in the hatchery. So beautiful.

    CPRS sounds so awful. What a huge disappointment to have it happen as you were getting to have fun on your bike.

    Look forward to your next lot of photos. Do you know that my blogging photos started because you did some "photo walks" in Tauranga.