Monday, August 29, 2011

Monday and a new week begins....

Have just been to the gym, cut it back now to 26 minutes, and just did treadmill and bike, so will see what the pain is like later.

Have the hand therapist soon.....

Weighed in and good news is I didn't gain but didn't lose either, stayed the same, am happy with that for now, next week am aiming for a loss of any sort :-).

This Sunday, we are hopefully going to choose our puppy, wont be ready to come home with us, but we can then plan, of the 3 girls we think we have narrowed it down to 2/3 that we like the best but am sure when we actually meet them that will all change lol, am so excited. 

Today not much planned for the rest of the day, if the rain holds off, will be taking Steph horse-riding, and resting the old arm, apart from doing the hand exercises, mirror therapy and tens machine lol. 

No photos of the weekend, as we did nothing worthy of a photo. 

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