Thursday, August 25, 2011

Need to start posting more....

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Nah but I do if I want a journey of this..... yesterday went to the gym and again my pain levels in the afternoon was out of this world, the worst they have been. Was it the gym or the tens machine I am trying as the pain specialist said the tens machine will either help with the pain or make it worse, a risk I was willing to take, having said that, we wont know if it is the machine till after 4 sessions, I have had 2 so I am figuring it is the gym :-(, will try one more time. I also cut the time I was there by 5 minutes. 

Today is a rest day to try and ease the pain. Have the kids home today some school thing happening and year 11 are home.... they seem to have more home days than school days lately. 

I am really starting to get so excited over this puppy, and can't wait to choose one next weekend - no not this weekend, wish it was though :-(.

Well not much else happening and my hand is starting to cramp up so thats my cue to get off here for a while.

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  1. I am so glad you have something to get excited about.. even if my heart will break when our babies leave home.