Monday, August 22, 2011

Where is time going....

Yesterday we went for a small walk down the lake front, as the day was just gorgeous, and also I got to use the camera..... all pretty self explanatory. Think I am getting better with the camera.

Today I went to the gym did 45 minutes mainly cardio...... I think I over did it, my wrist/hand is so sore........ 

Yesterday I did some baking only 2 things and again my arm was so sore.... It is so frustrating not to be able to do simple things like washing your hair, getting dressed without it being painful.... etc.

Last week I went to the pool and again over did it with the hand, my physio has given me some pool stuff to do without using my hand.....

I am so over pain and not being able to use my hand.... I also know this is only the beginning of it all....

Anyway on to positive things, as you know we lost our beloved dog Millie the other week, well we are thinking of getting a new puppy, a little one that will not grow big, I think it is a good idea as I am home a lot at the moment, with not working, we are not sure what the future holds for me right now.... so it will be good to be home and I can train the puppy, and I know our other dog Biscuit will learn to love it maybe not at the beginning though lol.... She (yes we want a she) wont be ready till the end of Sept/Early October..... so expect lots of puppy photos then and Biscuit photos our other dog. Speaking of Biscuit here she is she is so placid....... not the best of photos but will get some more. 

Anyway hand is getting sore so time to go catch you later :-)

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  1. I think 'She' is going to love Biscuit! Have you thought of a name yet?
    I always found that the hardest thing to do when we got a new dog.
    It's harder than naming a baby!