Friday, August 26, 2011


I had practically a pain free day, maybe the tens machine is doing the job...... or maybe it was cause I did sweet bugger all at home and did no exercise. 

Today will tell, as I am going to the gym but am going to cut my time back again by 5 minutes, so only 35 minutes will be at the gym, will then come home and do the tens machine and then I am off to the pain specialist - and thats my morning gone. 

Then I think I will need a rest......

Back later :-)

Well back from the pain specialist and now weaning myself of the Gabapentin (because it is not working for the pain) and going on Lyprinol for a month at a cost of about $300 a month apparently - if that does not work then we are going to try Pregabalin if ACC will fund it, as it is $400 - $500 + a month, maybe I need to look at fundraising as I have a funny feeling that having CRPS is not going to be cheap  :-). Oh yeah should be hearing from the psychologist soon as I really need someone to talk to about how I am coping emotionally (or not coping)

Speaking of pain it has been bad again today - went to the gym and did 35 minutes. The pain specialist said to go to the gym as it is good for my health and hopefully we can find some pain meds sooner rather than later. I need to get sensible with my food and have to lose some of this weight, but that is a whole other topic. 

Because I am feeling pain in my upper limb now and the other arm in the lower limb, he thinks the CRPS may be spreading.... but only time will tell.

I have to stay positive.... which is hard when you are living in pain. But one way or another I am going to beat this. 

Positive - one week on Sunday, we will be choosing our new little puppy..... and I can not wait :-) and the weekend is nearly here :-). 

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