Sunday, September 25, 2011

3 Sleeps....

Last night had an awesome time with Lee-Anne, was so nice to catch up and Colin cooked us a lovely roast :-). And better still I did not get any sharp pains in my arm so actually enjoyed the night, think these new meds might just be working :-). 

Yes and only 3 sleeps till Chico is with us, we have finished puppy proofing outside and have worked out puppy safe areas in the house if I need to pop outside, have a shower etc.... I will know she is safe and not getting up to any mischief :-), well we hope anyway lol. 

Today David and I are off to Hamilton, to meet the ex and pick up the kids. Next fortnight they go up it will be holidays so will probably be up for about a week. 

Back later if anything exciting pops in my head to say :-)

Oh yeah the book thing works cool which is great but I am still going to save up for a kindle or something like that :-)

Biscuit sleeping in Chico's basket, poor thing hardly fits but she managed to squeeze herself in it lol.....

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