Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Well after a 2 1/2 hour trip up to Auckland, we met the kids Dad at the mall for lunch, for the twins birthday - now 16 years old :-).  Then we went to ChrisH to pick up Chico, we placed her in a cat cage thingee, stuck some nice fresh water in there and off we went, she was pretty good all the way home drunk some water, cried a bit :-(, but once we were home she perked up, her tail could not stop wagging and her and Biscuit got introduced, and all in all it went pretty well, she came home did a wee outside, then had some food and did a poo, and then played and played and played for ages.... finally she got tired and fell asleep and not in her nice new basket, but under the table, obviously she felt safe there - and here a few photos :-)

Drinking her water 
Eating her food 
And more playing 
Biscuit checking her out 

And finally fell asleep under the table :-)
We are crossing fingers we will not have a rough night with her crying but somehow I am not sure that will be happening lol..... she is beautiful and we love her :-)


  1. Wow it's so weird seeing her in someone else's house/photos! She looks happy. I'm so pleased it's going well and I wish you a peaceful night. *Smiles*

  2. Oh how gorgeous, I feel a bit better seeing photos of her and she is settled down. It is madness to worry about doggies you haven't met or handled. Jackie, she will be wonderful for your family and just enjoy her - they are wonderful companions. My little guy Vince is my saviour when things are tough. Martine x

  3. Love her!She is adorable. Hope the twins had a good birthday. :)

  4. She is so adorable, and I am sure you will have a good night with her. Maybe a hottie or a clock, wrapped up? I have heard they like the ticking.....

  5. Chico looks comfortable and I do hope she doesn't cry much but Chris was srnding blankie with puppy smells yes? glad she travelled well, and maybe she will be a well travelled pooch a good car dog is a must in my book and she is small enough to fit anywhere.