Thursday, September 29, 2011


Just a quick entry, will post later with photos, Chico had an awesome night, only about 5 minutes of crying when first put to bed....... and then nothing all night, she must be happy here :-), she is trying to bait Biscuit to play but Biscuit is ignoring her so she is playing with her toys....

And there she is getting tired and trying to find a place to have her nap :-)
And this is how she ended up :-)
 And below a cover for my iphone, I love it David got it for me yesterday in Auckland :-), it is so me :-)

Just waiting to hear from David to see if my car got a warrant, am so hoping it will.... crossing fingers and toes. Yay car passed....

He got the cover from some importer shop Digi something..... and ChrisH it is an Iphone :-)

Am a bit sore today from yesterdays trip, the kids came home early from school - supposedly sick but I think they just wanted to play with puppy am ok about that cause it means they can look after her and I can rest the arm :-). 


  1. Awwwww our baby girl looks so contented with you... LOVE her bed!
    And that phone cover is adorable... do you have a flash phone or just a 'normal' one? I would love a jazzy cover like that!

  2. She is so cute & obviously happy.

    I love the phone cover, where did David get it?

  3. Chico looks quite at home and spoiled already. So very very glad for you. It must be hard for her to leave her brothers and sisters and Mum but obviously she feels right at home at your place. Enjoy her, no doubt the next few days you won't get much done as they are such time wasters when they are puppies (being held and cuddled etc). Glad she has settled in. Martine x

  4. She looks so beautiful and happy cuddled up in her bed.

    You must be so pleased to finally have her with you!

  5. How cool is Chico in that bed. She looks right @ home. You are all going to spoil her
    Hope the long trip yesterday didn't result in pain recurring.
    Mary H

  6. She looks so cute in those photos :) and very settled in too which is fantastic

    Rest up that arm Jackie..


  7. How cute is she all snuggled up, thst new cover looks funky as.

  8. Hope you have many wonderful times with your gorgeous little Chico

  9. walking here with a smile. take care.. have a nice day ~ =D

    Regards, (A Growing Teenager Diary) ..