Friday, September 23, 2011

Friday and weekend and Daylight Savings....

Today the kids go to their dads for the weekend, will be nice to come home in the light because daylight saving starts this weekend. Steph is taking her friend up with her. 

Have not really got much to say actually, just counting down till when Chico arrives :-). 

Am feeling really lonely here in Rotorua, just before I had the accident, I was starting to make friends at work and they were asking me to things, but then the stupid accident happened and the invites stopped........ I only know one person here, I live in a house that David and his ex owned for 20 years, (Not that is is a bad house or anything) we were going to sell it last year but then we found out David might be made redundant, so we decided to wait until we found out if his job was safe, now we are 99% sure his job is safe, we have decided to wait to see what the kids are doing next year re: schooling etc.... and right now I don't need to add any extra stress to my life and we all know how stressful selling a house can be. I miss Tauranga so much..... I am feeling lost at the moment, I can not really relax in this house cause all the renovations are his Ex's ideas, we still get phone-calls for his ex. Cause David and his Ex have lived in Rotorua all their lives anyone I meet is still good friends with his ex. I feel like I do not have my own identity here, if you know what I mean. 

Anyway enough negativity, I am really trying to stay positive, just some days I don't feel l can do it, am really hoping when Chico arrives it will boost me, as she will be ours not something that is David and his ex. 

The sun is shining and it is not to warm yet, so I can enjoy the warmth for now.... today I am going to drive the kids to Hamilton to meet the ex, cause in reality I am not to sure how long I will be able to drive for, so am going to make the most of it for now..... something else to look forward to catching up with Lee-Anne tomorrow afternoon. See it is not all doom and gloom :-)

Anonymous: I have yet to try acupuncture or naturopath, something I will look into. I love the wheat-bag and it really helps with pain :-)

Anyway off to Hamilton now :-)


  1. Have you tried accupunture or naturopath.
    My Dad had terminal cancer & before the morphine doses started he swore by the heated wheat bags.

  2. I am sorry to hear that the pain is increasing, are you still going to the mineral baths? I will try and give you a ring tomorrow on my cellphone but Tuesday morning if you are home I will give you a ring ok thta smy first morning off.