Tuesday, September 27, 2011

How many sleeps.....

1 sleep yip thats right 1 sleep and today is going slow....then Miss Chico comes to her new home...... I wonder what Biscuit will think of her :-)

This morning I did some baking, just because - now I am sore and tired.... but I want to be as normal as possible. I have done dinner which just needs to be reheated tonight so apart from getting in one load of washing, I can now rest :-)

Not much else to report for now :-)

I think these meds are working, and am hoping ACC will fund it, cause there is no way I can afford $80 a week to keep on it. 

Oh well thats me for tonight, next time I write will probably be Thursday and guess what the post will be about lol......


  1. Yay I found your new blog, not long till Chico arrives. You must be so excited.

  2. How exciting you get you new puppy tomorrow.

    I hope ACC do agree to fund the meds, especially if they are helping you.

  3. Enjoy Chico and give Chris a hug for me. Chico is the first little puppy to go to her forever home. Lots of photos please. Enjoy her, I know doggies are great therapy. Martine x