Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Mid week....

OMG one week today and our baby will be coming home, also the twins will be 16 years old...... hard to believe when they were little I could never imagine them at 16 years old.

Today not much planned never got out for my walk yesterday but will do today, and will do 12 minutes and build it up from there. A couple of weeks ago did a whole heaps of bloods and they have all come back ok, which is good :-).

Steph wants to go into town and get some makeup, Chris is biking into town with his mate. They both finally have met some friends and are building up a close friendship with them. 

The kids are home today, another rostered day off compliments of the school and after this week they only have 2 weeks of school for this term, where the hell has this year gone.

Food yesterday was not good, another day begins today and we try again.... I have to remember that I have a bunch of lovely clothes from Aussie that I want to wear that I can no longer fit comfortably....

I have decided I need to make more of an effort with my appearance, lately I have been slack and some days don't even brush my hair.... hell I even cut my own fringe cause the length was bugging me lol... so not good. In a couple of weeks when I can afford it, I will get my eyebrows shaped again, they look hideous, I am sure they are more bushy than normal. 

Oh yeah on Saturday night we are catching up with Lee-Anne, been a long time since we have got together, wont be a late night thanks to my meds, but will be good to have a chat, and am certainly not drinking :-)

Below is where our darling Biscuit likes to sit in the sun :-), wonder what she will think when Chico appears on the scene. 


  1. Hee hee, I reckon Biscuit is going to be spending a lot more time up on the table to keep away from Chico!

  2. You must be so excited about picking up Chico. I can't wait to see how Biscuit takes to the new addition.