Monday, September 12, 2011


All going to plan 2 weeks on Wednesday this little girl will be coming home..... I can't wait.... we are pretty much already for her now - we hope lol.
I have been in so much pain, I am nearly vomiting, I have emailed my pain doctor..... for any advice. Today all I have is the hand therapist, and for the rest of it I will relax, oh and I will also take Steph to horse riding, but I just sit in the car. 

Yay the funding got approved for a one month trial of the new meds, so will start that tomorrow - cross fingers it works. Tomorrow I also have an appointment to see the pain psychologist. 

Spoke to the pain doctor, re: possible CRPS in my left ankle, and he is highly suspicious that it is CRPS as well. 

No horse riding far to windy today....

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