Monday, September 19, 2011


Just been for my walk, only 25 minutes and I probably shouldn't have, the pain had me in some tears as I was walking, I woke up sore so should have known better, but I am stubborn and when I want to do something I do it.....

But  onto good news next week Wednesday we pick up Chico..... we are all so excited me the most I think - picture is on my profile. 

Today not much plans some washing, a bit of housework, make Macaroni Cheese for dinner and have the hand therapist this morning. 

Have a good day :-)

Well waiting for my hand therapist appointment, thought I would have a fiddle with my layout :-), Arm is feeling much better now after a warm shower thank god :-)

Just got back from the hand therapist, and we are now going to start doing graded motor therapy for my left ankle. And also when I walk I have been told to walk 6 minutes turn around and come back, and build it up to a level where the pain is ok. One day I will listen ;-)

And now that we know my left leg is CRPS, that will explain why the last few months of work when I was in so much pain in my leg, where I was taking far to many brufen just to get through a shift, it also explains the spasms I have in my leg...... and the odd toenails and the burning and itchiness in my foot/ankle where I would scratch until it bled....

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