Monday, September 26, 2011

A new week and an exciting one....

2 more sleeps lol........ yesterday watched The Smurfs movie, was kinda funny in a kids way, I watched it cause I used to love the Smurfs lol. 

Todays plans housework, and washing etc.....  and just relaxing, this morning I cleaned the microwave and small oven, not that they were that dirty, but everyday I like to do something that does not come under general housework. Tomorrow I plan to do the oven, it is not to bad so wont be that hard, but I like to keep on top of these things :-).

Ummmmm dont think I have much more to say except I do believe the new meds are working already :-). 

Yay housework done, three lots of washing thanks to the kids mainly, and the best news arm is not bad....... I am trying not to get to excited with these meds nut just maybe they might be the ones :-). Off for my 12 minute walk soon, never did do it last week, no excuses. 

12 minute walk done and only 1 small sharp pain in the arm, and even the ankle is not bad - now to make sure it does not hit me later in the day, and if not then a 14 minute walk tomorrow. 

Bugger Blast, I think I have overdone things, the sharp pains in my arms are killing me..... tomorrow I think I had better take it easy.....

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  1. LOL at your countdown... but I would be doing the exact same thing if it was me waiting to pick up a new puppy!
    Chico is doing great... you will be a bit surprised when you see her I think as her hair has grown quite a bit!
    See you Wednesday after 1pm.