Monday, September 5, 2011

A New Week....

Yay I have news, yesterday we went to pick up the kids in Auckland and choose a puppy..... from ChrisH - meet who was known as Pinky but now called Chico, well we think so at this stage. She is beautiful and with everything happening with me and the CRPS, I am sure Chico will be a lovely distraction.....  We will be picking her up some time early October, and I can not wait but it gives us time to get the house puppy proof. Meeting Chris was awesome too, as I had read her blog for so many years now, she and her family are just lovely. I think it is always hard that first visit, but from my end I felt that it all went well and hope to catch up again with her from time to time now. Maybe on occasions we can bring Chico up for visits lol.....

David above with a couple of the puppies. And a photo I pinched of Chris's blog of me, and Chico's mummy in the background with David. Today kids are still off school till Thursday, not much will be happening, have the hand therapist and thats about all. 

Am fairly worn out after yesterday, though David drove, the pain the last few days has not been great.... used the Tens machine yesterday and that helped with the pain yesterday thank god. 

In case I had not mentioned we are getting a puppy....... LOL.

Oh and managed a loss of 400 grams this week :-)


  1. How exciting, I bet you can't wait to get Chico home.

  2. I just love that photo of you and Chico. She is beautiful and it's so great that you get to have one of those beautiful puppies. I've been drooling over the pics ever since they were born!
    Hope your pain is better today.

  3. How gorgeous & the name is cool too.

  4. Ohhhhhhhhhhhh pinky on a pink shirt how cute "chico" is a very apt name lucky you getting to play with puppies

  5. Sounds like we will have to stop calling her 'Pinky' and now call her 'Chico'!
    You have chosen a gorgeous wee girl and I couldn't be happier for you.

    It was lovely to finally meet you too Jackie... and I hope we can meet up again every so often so we can see how Chico is doing... though I am SURE we will see lots of her on your blog! lol