Saturday, September 24, 2011


Blondie no I don't go to the mineral baths anymore, with the heat of them I nearly collapsed twice - I can not handle heat like that anymore..... went to the pools a couple of times which was much cooler, but I was using my hand to much under water without realising and boy the pain was horrific that afternoon/night, I didn't realise how much I was moving it under water. So all that is on hold for now. 

Last night I drove to Hamilton, was not to bad actually just made sure I had heaps of Panadol throughout the day to ease the pain a fraction, the price though I have woken up sorer than normal. 

Today not sure what the plans are, dinner with Lee-Anne tonight which will be nice, though cause of the meds I will be home by 8pm, very rarely can I stay up past 8.30pm thanks to the meds, the odd night I do though, but if I take my meds late then I am a zombie the next morning. 

Overcast here at the moment, David is still snoring his head off, Biscuit has been fed, the kids are in Auckland and I am just enjoying the peace and quiet :-)

Oh yeah ChrisH sent me some gorgeous photo's of Chico in the grass... so so cute will let her post them on her blog before I post them here :-)

Today we went to Rainbow Springs, was a nice walk not to hot and not to cold.... even made an effort with my appearance, by doing make up and an effort with my hair, felt good :-)

Lots of little ducklings

Kaka Beak Flower
More little birdies.....
The sheep and donkey that look a bit worse for wear I thought
Biscuit enjoying the sun

And we went to a life shop that sells things for people to make their life easier, I got a book stand, am hoping it will work and a jar opener thingee.......
And three photos of Chico enjoying the grass, sent from Chris yesterday, only 4 sleeps till we get her, so can't wait :-)

Thanks Kris on the flower correction :-), can I blame it on the meds lol


  1. Chick you can post those photos, I put up a wee video instead. Have a lovely weekend and see you on Wednesday afternoon!

  2. Flower is a Kaka Beak not Kowhai

  3. Good luck for Chico, give that gorgeous Chris a hug for me. I hope Chico lifts your spirits, animals are great for that, my little guy Vince helps me no end when I am down. Take care Martine