Sunday, September 11, 2011


Today it looks like rain...... bugger. Oh well suppose we cant have lovely sunny days all the time. 

Today wont be doing much, as my arm is still sore, not sure what is up with this, why all of a sudden it seems to have gone backwards. Might head down to the new look mall in Rotorua, ok it is tiny to most malls probably in New Zealand, but hell it has to be better than before, thanks to the world cup rugby (that is why they did it up), it used to be disgusting and stunk.

If the kids are good might even shout them lunch.... we were also going to go to Rainbow Springs but the rain has put a halt to that. 

So may be back later with some pictures..... oh and think I may change the look of my blog in the next few days am sick of this look :-)

Ok when I said a new mall, basically it is a food hall, but the good news is that it no longer smells..... yay and it is clean. 

Today on Trade Me just purchased a small pet pen for our puppy so that when she becomes a pain - I mean when she needs a break we can place her in it and know she will be safe.