Friday, September 30, 2011

Thank god it is Friday.....

Man having a puppy is worse than babies, at least they don't walk around biting and chewing everything they think could be tasty - am glad tomorrow is the weekend, and everyone can have a go with her lol...... Last night she cried and yapped when first put to bed for about 20 minutes..... then nothing all night till 6am when she decided it was playtime :-).

But having said that we all still love her, but boy has she settled in now and is investigating every part of her house...... which is nice :-)

I am sure I will be back later with photos.

Arm improved over the day, will rest it today as much as one can rest with a puppy, and tomorrow my dad is coming over for a belated twins birthday. 

And here some pics..... Biscuit and Chico, it is funny Chico baits Biscuit to play and Biscuit just ignores her, so she tries and catches Biscuits tail lol....

Excuse the crap in the next photo in the background.......
I feel comfortable leaving the door open now, as she has learnt to get up and down the step, it is quite a bit higher than ChrisH's, but now she can come and go outdoors. 


  1. beautiful Nice that the 2 get on
    Have a lovely doggy weeked
    Mary H

  2. I am so relieved to see that Biscuit is tolerating that little fur ball! They look so sweet together.
    I hope Chico continues to behave at night.

  3. Love the photo of Chico trying to get Biscuit's attention. She looks right at home. And dare i say, Mega Cute. Martine x