Thursday, September 8, 2011


Went to the gym first time in a week, did 15 minutes bike and 15 minutes treadmill, hopefully the pain wont be to bad this afternoon, having said that the last couple of days I think have been my worst - and have no idea why.

God not even sure why I started a post, can't think of anything else to report - so might come back later if I have anything exciting to report. 

Well Anne seeing as you commented I am assuming you are not in hospital :-)

Well no more news have txted the pain doctor, to find out what else can be done, what I am on is just not cutting it and I am wanting to vomit from the pain, so not good!!!! And I am really wondering if it has spread to my broken ankle x4 times as that is so sore as well, sorer than normal. Today is a crap day, roll on pain psychologist I really need help here......

David is away tonight with work, so I am going to have an early night and hopefully a good sleep with no-one snoring next to me lol.....


  1. One day at a time hon.. :)

    Come back and report even if nothing major / exciting happened.. lol


  2. Have you thought about natural pain relief acupuncture? Shame the first reading of medicinal marijuana was turned down in parliament on Wednesday!!!!!