Thursday, September 15, 2011


Yesterday I went out for a 15 minute walk, was nice being out in the fresh air, today I went out for a 25 minute walk, am hoping my arm does not pay for it later..... took our dog Biscuit. 

Yesterday I had a really good day pain wise, one of my best days, was awesome and also managed to stay up till 10.30pm last night and not in bed by my normal 8.30pm. Yesterday felt like I didn't have CRPS, don't get me wrong I still had pain but it didn't knock me for six. 

This morning I woke up again with no pain, well minimal pain so what does one do, keeps fiddling with the wrist to see if there was more movement and aggravated the pain..... will I ever learn.

Anyway am going to sign off now as my hand is getting sore and I know I have to take it easy for the rest of the day.

Oh one more thing this time in 2 weeks our new addition to the family will be here :-). 

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