Saturday, September 10, 2011

Spring is certainly here....

Today seeing as it was such a lovely morning, we decided to go out for bit, we went to the dutch market and got some yummy dutch food, it really reminds me of mum and dad, all these dutchies talking.... lol.

After that we went to the lake front where they had a market etc because of the rugby world cup, we have a game here in Rotorua tonight. Anyway some pics below..... not very exciting pics mind you but at least you can see the blue sky. 

Now I am knackered and sore.... so rest for me this afternoon and dinner is a BBQ, so easy peasy as I bought the salads, yip to lazy to make them today. 

Oh and Blondie yes we are looking into acupuncture etc.... just with ACC, we need to go down their list of stuff first....

Oh yeah also rearranged the lounge again, with the help of David lol.... I do ask for help sometimes :-). now we have a nice lazaboy in the sun, for when I want to relax in the warmth and read a book. 

Oh yeah re: the CRPS and my ankle, I am now wondering if it might have begun 3 years ago, that could explain the amount of pain I have had with it, the swelling that seems to never go away, and two of my toenails have gone brittle, have not had the burning pain though and not sure about the color change cause I never really watched it for change, and also the 3 times the docs have sent me for x-rays they could not find any reason for the  swelling and pain. This has all got me thinking and wondering if this could be why when I broke my wrist, the CRPS was diagnosed pretty much immediately - really have no idea just been doing some thinking lol. 

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  1. I'm glad you had a nice day.. is it raining there today, sure is here.
    And cold!

    I put lots of puppy videos on my blog today... Chico features in the last two the most. She is so fiesty! It doesn't take much to get her revved up I can tell you... sometimes we only have to look at her and she goes off at us for not picking her up!