Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Tuesday - lovely Tuesday....

Cross fingers ACC have contacted my pharmacy re: the new medication I am trying, so I can start it tonight -  it is Pregabalin, and then cross fingers it works. 

ACC are not renewing my gym membership when it runs out next week, but I am ok with that cause I am going to 3 short walks a day of say 10 minutes each and build it up from there. I much prefer to walk outside than on a treadmill, and also while it is not to hot it will be perfect.

Today I have the pain psychologist, looking forward to that. 

Yay have the meds, session with psychologist was ummmm interesting..... am tired now so going to relax :-)


  1. I hope the new mrds help with the pain (I confess I did have to laugh at the "cross fingers" comment hopefully if the meds work that will be a possibility with no pain.

  2. glad your session with psychologist went well.. good luck with the meds too..