Friday, September 2, 2011

Weekend is here for me anyway....

Weekend is nearly here, well for me it is, as the kids went to their dads last night. I drove which in hindsight was a stupid thing, but I was feeling so good before I left, was feeling a bit worse for wear by the time I got home though :-).

This weekend, I have no kids, tomorrow we are taking David's mum out for her lunch, was her birthday last Tuesday, and Sunday I am going to meet ChrisH, after god knows how many years of reading her blog and puppy picking :-). 

And spring has finally arrived, yay, warmer weather and longer days, BBQ's etc.... :-). 

Today was going to go the gym but due to overdoing things yesterday, have decided to have a quiet day, except doing some housework and a bit of grocery shopping. 

And thats it......


  1. Looking forward to meeting you on Sunday... a bit nervous too! I always am when meeting someone who 'knows me' but doesn't really! lol

  2. How exciting getting to pick your puppy and meeting Chris H :-)

    Have a lovely restful weekend & don't overdo it with your hand.