Saturday, September 3, 2011

Yay weekend...

And today I am going out for lunch, to one of my fav restaurants in Rotorua, Lewishams......

Can no longer have hamburgers in a restaurant, as I only have 1 hand to eat with and holding a knife in my left hand gets rather sore.... in fact I don't really have hamburgers at all now. Don't know why I put that in lol.......I am struggling to hold my iphone now :-(, I struggle to type..... being a cold morning, my hand is in pain...... in fact I use my left arm less and less now..... But you know what I don't care right now cause though it is bloody freezing the sun is shining, I am surrounded by one beautiful dog "Biscuit" and a loving husband who will do anything for me.....and tomorrow I am going to meet the famous ChrisH and family/puppies......

Back later....

Well lunch was a disappointment, I had scallops which I normally love but not today..... We sat inside cause of David's mum, as she is elderly, but since I have had CRPS I can not handle the heat and it was hot in there, hence the reason why lunch was not enjoyable.... and did not wear a splint as I wanted to be normal, and it hurt!!!! (silly girl will I ever learn). But anyway home now, every door open and feeling somewhat normal... Things I took for granted so much before now is hell. Oh and to top it off was chewing a mint at the end and out popped a filling, well it can bloody stay out for now.


  1. ohhhh puppies :) can't wait to see which one you choose :)


  2. Be careful with that filling... Steve left a tooth too long when the filling fell out and suffered so much pain that in the end we had to get him seen to !
    He was lucky to keep the tooth it had gotten that bad.

    Bummer about not enjoying lunch out...

    It was really lovely to finally meet you (and David)... and I am so glad you chose one of our puppy's. 'Pinky' is going to a lovely family where she will be much loved, which will make it a tiny bit easier when she leaves home.
    I hope.

    And what's with 'the famous ChrisH'! Bloody hell I am NOT famous!!! Just a regular perosn mate.

    And how can you blog/comment while you are not home??? Can you do it from your phone?