Friday, October 21, 2011


Went way over points yesterday, but the positive I tracked everything.......

Today am going for my walk, this afternoon, heading of to Hamilton (David driving), to meet the ex to drop the kids off for the long weekend......

And I think thats about it for now, oh yesterday I mentioned I had it sore when I urinated today it seems to have gone, today also I must drink more water to ease this wheeze and I have 2 weeks to get rid of the dizziness else I might have to come of the meds. God I hope it does as the meds are wonderful for the pain. Speaking of pain, this morning my left hand is really sore, have no idea why, am going to put a patch on today where the pain is as my other patch came off last night and use my tens machine, when I get back from my walk. 

Yay all walks done this week, today I did 1.81k's in 22.43 minutes - averaging 12.33k's and hour. 

OMG just had a horrible thought, hope the pain increase is not from the walks...... will be able to tell more next week, have got the Tens machine on so that will help..... cross fingers it is not the walking, I want to be able to walk more than 2k's.... oh jumped on the scales are they are down, you never can tell when you are on meds that give you fluid etc.....


  1. Good for you for tracking even if you did go over on your points and great stuff for getting your walk in. I hope that it isn't the walking that is causing the pain - good luck with you for getting it resolved.
    Have a great weekend !

  2. Geeee hope it isn't the walking that is causing the pain.
    Have a great weekend.