Sunday, October 2, 2011

Bugger Sunday already and it is raining......

Today wont be much, going to get some groceries and thats about it, I think. 

Chico had an awesome night, went to bed, made noise for about 1 minute and then all quiet until 6.30am...... having said that when anyone goes to the toilet, she thinks it is getting up time and gets excited till she realises no not getting up time and goes back to sleep, after a bit of noise :-). She had 3 successful wees outside yesterday and 2/2 successful plops yesterday and 1 successful plop today and when she went outside for her plop she went down the stairs to the bottom area yay....... David forgot to put her blanket from her old home in her basket last night, and she didn't mind :-). Now to see how many wee wee's we can get outside today shame it is drizzling a bit  - not that she minded the drizzle she was out in it a while :-). She is well and truly settled now. 

My CRPS has been playing up a bit..... bugger, maybe the rain not sure, anyway everyone else is in bed still and Biscuit has gone back to sleep and I am going to cuddle Chico and watch a movie, think I will watch "Friends with Benefits" 

Catch you later :-)

Bugger what has happened to my blog...... it just went like that, if it does not sort itself out by tomorrow, may have to look at another template.....

She has done 2 poos out of 2 poos for the day hence why it shows 2/2 :-)

Just 1 photo today, Chico having a nap..... and we are making progress with the wee's, 3 outside today so far :-), and good to see my blog has sorted itself out. 

We are having so much pleasure with Chico, even if we have to sit outside for 30 minutes for her to do a wee wee, well actually the last one was only a few minutes. 

Finally get to see a rugby match, as it is on in the daytime, as we don't have sky we watch it on Maori Television :-). So back to it now. 

We are up to 4 wee wees now outside for the day :-)


  1. It's great to know she has settled in so well.
    Good luck with the piddles and plops outside today in the rain!

  2. Chico sounds like she is well adjusted and how cool is that doesn't take dogs long to learn they are quite clever.

  3. how many poos (22) or am I reading it wrong?
    Mary H