Thursday, October 6, 2011

Good day....

Today I heard that ACC are funding my Tens machine, and my medication for 6 months at this point, I am so happy with that, and better still Chris's child disability allowance got accepted for another 2 years, yay so we have it till he is 18. 

As for Chico god give me twin babies any-day, I forgot how much work a puppy can be..... at the moment her latest thing is to follow Biscuit and copy her, if she goes outside to sleep Chico follows, if Biscuit gets a drink then Chico follows so funny, ....then Biscuit jumps on the table outside and Chico then follows me cause she cant get up there yet...... she seems to have good and bad days with wee wee's, poo poo's are all sussed, she goes outside but wee wee's are just luck me thinks lol :-)

Biscuit enjoying the sun and break away from Chico

 Chico outside in the sun
Chico now sleeps in the beanbag rather than a basket in the day time :-)
Chico seems to be going lighter in color, she is more brown than blackish now..... hope she does not go pure white :-). That blanket she is on Steph made at school for Biscuit but guess who has claimed it lol.....


  1. Yaaa to your getting acc and disability allowance for Chris. I hope you will still love Chico if she does go white! Coco and Teddy had lots of colour when we bought them, and they went almost white. But as Chico's Dad is very coloured you may be lucky... but it is up to luck !

  2. How cute are they.They seem to have found their own spaces.
    Congrats on the funding issues. Do'nt mind paying taxes if it gets used properly.

    Mary H