Sunday, October 9, 2011

I am so lucky.......

Yesterday my darling husband got me an Ipad..... it is going to make my life so much easier as I can read books on it as well, and my eyes will no longer squint on my iphone, and if I am  having a crap day I can stay in bed and watch a movie on it  :-). I so love Apple stuff :-). 

The puppies have been very playful, Biscuit is playing with her heaps, though she does get a bit rough at times, but Chico keeps going back for more.

Puppies requiring my attention, back later .

Biscuit has had enough and is now on the outside table, David is taking me out for brunch soon, even made an effort in clothes and makeup. 

I have upped my meds again this morning, now on full dose, and pain is heaps less, the down side I am so dizzy and light headed from the meds.... hope that settles cause it really does help the pain, thank god for spell check on here lol. 

Today I am going to download some books on my ipad..... after brunch and after we have taken Chico to go and meet David's mum..... and no we wont put her down on grass or anything..... as she is not fully vaccinated. 


  1. Is it freezing there this morning? It's cold here... my right arm is like a block of ice!
    I too am thinking about getting an ipad or apple computer... I hope you enjoy your ipad.

  2. I WANT a DULL house! Very dull would be so NICE for a change.