Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Middle of the week......

Today David has off, he dropped me of at the psychologist, was a really good session today. Still quite light headed today. Before that we went out for coffee, and then after that we went and got groceries...... Then to Briscoes to get a few things..... And now am relaxing in my pj's. Tomorrow David has off to, have my hand therapist apart from that not sure what else we will be doing, the kids come back Saturday afternoon and then they go back to Auckland for Labour weekend.

Tonight am going to make mince and bacon thingees that ChrisH made the other night in pastry.... They looked so yummy :-).

Have I mentioned how much I love my iPad, still have to download some books on it, but did a rental movie which I still need to watch. Just about finished Paul Henry's book, which I have found really good.

Anyway that's me for now :-)

The pastry thingees turned out ok, though I stuffed them a bit much, but will know for next time...... They may not have looked the best but they tasted mighty good :-). Chico told us today she wanted to go outside for poo poo's, she started digging on the ranch slider, what a clever little puppy, man she has grown so much in size, will need to take some pics, but will wait till we get some nice sunny days, not like the crap ones we are having now, so much for spring.


  1. Wish I was you relaxing at home in my pj's !!!!! Mind you - would rather not have the CRPS so maybe you are entitled to be at home in your pj's !
    Take care !!

  2. I just sent you an email with my recipe for those mince/bacon thingees.... forgot to mention adding cheese onto the pastry with the mince mixture! Don't use too much or it goes everywhere!

    Chico is a very clever little girl for sure!