Monday, October 24, 2011

Monday a new week..... and weigh in...

Am feeling a bit sad France did not win last night - we are talking Rugby of course, they played a bloody good game though to only loose by 1 pt. 

Today it is a holiday weekend here, so David is off and he will be driving to Hamilton to pick up the kids.....

The pain has lessened a lot over the last 48 hours now that I was not walking (so that means to me that it was the walking that triggered the pain :-( ), today I am doing a 2k will be interesting to see what happens tonight or over the next days, as I walk. If it does increase again, I will need to cut the distance back again..... or maybe break it up over 2 walks a day one in the morning, one at night..... just have to see. 

Might go and check out the gypsy fair in town later, weigh in tomorrow, the weekend eating has been disastrous I didn't even track..... so not expecting much to happen on the scales lol...... 

Went for a walk with David, he slowed me down compared to when it is just me and my music..... walked 2.1K's in 27.56 minutes averaged 13.51mins/km. 

Arm got a bit sore on the walk, with sharp pins type pain.... not sure if it was the walk or the cold.....cross fingers the pain does not come back this afternoon.

Anyway off to have a shower.....

Decided to change weigh in day to a Monday, I hate a middle of the week weigh in, anyway 1.8 kilo's lost this week yay :-)


  1. Well done on a great loss !!!!!

  2. congratulations on the loss that's great :)


  3. wow great loss shame about the pain but oh well the All Blacks won so YAY maybe every second day walking.