Monday, October 3, 2011


Chico took herself outside without being told for a poo...... we were so proud of her and it was raining, patience with her has paid off - just got to keep hoping she will keep doing it, her wee wees are much more successful, did wees outside all day yesterday apart from 2 morning ones inside :-).

Yay left puppy for the first time alone in the kitchen which is a secured area, and when I came home she was fast asleep in her bed...... :-), and would she do wee wee's outside for me, not but she does for everyone else in the family...... naughty thing lol. 

Those pain meds are working though since the increase yesterday am certainly feeling light headed, thank god for spell check. But worth persevering for a month on the full dose and see what happens, lets hope ACC will pay for it :-)

My pain specialist is asking for funding for 6 months, please cross fingers with me that we get the funding....... hope to hear back this week, or early next week. 

Chico is adorable even if she wont go wee wee's for me outside, having said that it has been pouring down with the rain and the only covered bit is by the door, so have been a bit lenient with it today.... rain is suppose to ease today so back into it properly later :-). 

She has been a great distraction for me and my pain, just what I need, oh yeah something funny here, Biscuit barks at her and lets her know she is top dog, well Chico is finally barking back it is so cute to see them playing together, though Biscuit is quite a bit bigger so have to make sure she is not to rough with her, so far so good :-). 

Man school holidays at the end of this week, the twins are going up to their dads for the first  week, will be nice to spend some time with just David at night, and with me feeling slightly better might actually enjoy it, instead of yelling at everyone all the time. 

Here is a couple of pictures of Chico and Biscuit :-), she was wanting to play but Biscuit was not interested....... (Biscuit has a long leash on when we have the doors open else she jumps the gate being part whippet lol )


  1. What a clever wee girl she is! I hope she keeps it up.

  2. Glad the meds are working
    Will make a huge difference if the pain can be controlled.
    You are doing a great job with Chico who is obviously getting a lot of love & attention (& training)
    Thanks for posting updates.
    Mary H

  3. isn't she doing so well with the toileting!