Monday, October 10, 2011

A new week....

Not sure how this post is going to look as I am doing it in HTML on the iPad, as I can not get compose to work.......

Speaking of iPads, I am loving it, that's when I get a chance to use it, Chico takes up so much time lol...... Her latest thing is to move all the small rugs around the house.

Pain wise am doing heaps better, even the ankle is feeling better, but still feeling like I am in laalaa land.

Am thinking of joining weight watchers again, online though. Will make the decision tomorrow.

Anyway that's it for now, am going to see if I can get this to work in compose mode :-)

Just checked it does not look to bad lol


  1. It looks fine! Just like normal in fact. How cute Chico moving the rugs!

  2. Good the pain is getting under control.
    Chico sounds like a real character.
    Re the post I prefer a darker font (rather than pink) easier to read @ night. Maybe just me
    Mary H