Monday, October 17, 2011

A new week....

and we all still feel like crap..... but today I will be going for my 1k walk, it is only a small walk and the fresh air will be good to clear out the cobwebs...... I will be weighing in tomorrow morning. 

The kids got home fine, and both still have head colds.... they were going to go up Labour Weekend but they are not sure yet....

Chico has been doing well, she is growing so fast now...... anyway before the motivation wears off, I am going out for my walk..... small steps I have to keep remembering :-)

Did my walk and it took 14.32 sec to do 1K, not to worried about the time just yet, have got to start somewhere, and now I feel even worse with the head cold........ gggggrrrrrrr - maybe a shower will do the trick. Oh the good news for the first time in years my ankle was not sore out walking... :-)

I have been sleeping well trying to sleep while watching puppy, lucky she had a nap as well... both my kids are out like a light as well.......

Tomorrow I weigh in and start weight watchers online, I am scared to jump on the scales but it is a starting point and it does not matter how long this journey is, many small steps will make large ones...... Hope this has worked as I am doing this part of the post on the iPad. God I can believe how much mess a puppy can make, she has every toy possible, while it seems like it, but she still brings in flowers, twigs etc......


  1. Sorry to hear that you are still feeling sick but so good that you got out for your walk - sometimes that is just what you have to do. Hopefully the weather will have cleared by the time I get home and I am going to just do it too !!!!
    Have a great day and take care of yourself.

  2. Well done on the exercise
    Once the weather gets warmer the colds will go. I had it for 4 weeks was awful. Lemons & honey
    Chico sounds hilarious