Monday, October 31, 2011

A new week.....

Yesterday we went to Tauranga, it was lovely the beach was lovely as well, there was no sign of the oil problem from the boat stuck on the reef. We could not see the boat, though it can be seen, we thought we had seen it but now we are not sure lol. We popped in to see David's sister at the Mount as well. Had a lovely lunch out at Zeytens which was really yummy. Pain was not to bad, I wore the Tens Machine and kept up with the Panadol. 

Thanks to my CRPS I can no longer be out in the sun so we purchased a cool Rusty sunhat to wear, when we are out and about. Steph purchased herself some perfume.....

I have decided to try and walk in the evenings, and then hopefully most of the pain will be at night when I am sleeping, well thats the plan anyway. Will see how it goes this week, I will be walking approx  2 - 2.5Kms a day and if that goes well then I will walk 3K's next week. The only thing is, I find it so much harder to get motivated for a walk at night. 

Anyway this morning, will be consisting of lots of housework, which I have been neglecting heaps. Then rest for a bit, then walk tonight hopefully :-).

Walks at night are not going to happen, I am sure, I am unmotivated, I feel like I am in Zombie land (thanks to the meds)..... so maybe another plan of action could be walk every 2nd day - and also do some lunges and squats and swiss ball stuff..... just trying to brainstorm for now.... or just f**kin walk and deal with the pain...... 

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  1. Lovely pics !! Hope you get through your housework quickly - I HATE housework !!!!!!

    Good luck with whatever you decide to do regarding your exercise - it is hard to exercise when you are unmotivated - sometimes it is a case of just doing it.

    Take care !