Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Still bloody feeling horrible,

But that is not going to stop me going for a walk, though I am not in any mood too - I am up to 1.4k's today and still no pain on my left side, well when I say no pain, I mean unbearable pain. I just wish the side effect of the meds would go soon.

Yesterday I was completely on track, even with the butter chicken, I even measured my portion :-).

Today I must do the vacuuming the puppy makes such a mess, bringing in flowers, leaves, twigs, everything she can find..... oh yeah we now shut the blinds in the bathroom and Chico now sleeps in till 7am, yay much better than 6 am lol. We have even had a couple of odd nights where she has not done a wee wee :-). 

The kids are off to Auckland this long weekend, drop them off in Hamilton Friday and pick them up Monday from Hamilton. 

I am off to have some Panadol to hopefully get rid of this headache.... then off to get groceries before the dizziness settles in then will go for my walk. 

Been for my walk, did 1.4k's in 19.49 minutes - it started drizzling but I refused to turn around and go home till I had walked my distance. 

Groceries all done, apart from vacuuming, I can rest the rest of the day :-)

Wish this bloody rain would stop, am over it, am wanting to be able to have BBQs and dry the washing outside.......hopefully this weekend a BBQ will be happening.
Steph's laptop has been playing up, hopefully they can fix it, they think they know what is wrong and if is that it will be $150 about which is not to bad as it is under 2 years old.
Am going ok on my points today...... Chris has gone to his mates for the night, hope they stay out of trouble. Still have not done the vacuuming maybe tomorrow lol......

Am just over my points today but am ok with is nice and quiet without Chris. Tomorrow I have my 1.6k walk.... Think the head cold is slowly going..... So all in all it has been a good couple of days on track :-)

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  1. It's gerat to hear you are going walking even when you are not in the mood to - you will feel so good about yourself when you are finished.
    Have a great day !