Sunday, October 30, 2011

Sunday lovely Sunday and it is wet again!!!!!

Today probably not doing a lot, weather is crappy, I feel crappy cause I ate to much the last few days, what do I do, when I get down, eat like a pig and then feel even more crappier. 

Anyway onto brighter and better things, some lovely pics of Chico and Biscuit :-), 

Chico with the lead on she decided it tasted better than trying to walk with it.....
Bugger you she says......
Stubborn little mite.....
Biscuit with her new bacon flavored bone thingee...... the only place she felt safe to eat it as Chico wanted it though she had her own puppy one but that was not good enough lol. 
Yesterday got some groceries and had brunch out, was nice, David has just asked me if we want to go Tauranga today so we will. Hopefully the weather might clear up. 


  1. Poor Biscuit having to be on top of the table to get away from Chico!
    I hope you had a lovely trip to Tauranga, and the weather was lovely for you.

  2. The dogs are so cute & intelligent

    Mary H