Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Think it is working....

Ok think I have learnt the basic HTML to be able to change color on here and size.

Today not up to much, mainly cause I can't drive at the moment feeling to dizzy......

Chico has been good, I was just going to say good at doing weewees outside and just as I was writing this, she came inside and did a wee wees dispite the doors being open.

David has taken the next 2 days off, yay - it means he can drive me to the psychologist tomorrow and hand therapist on Thursday, if I am still feeling out of it.

Anyway that's it from me for now off to make lunch.

Blondie it does say to be careful with driving, or something along that line, the dizziness is a side effect and am hopping after a couple of weeks it will settle..... It is just a waiting game. Else yes it will be a decision I have to make or we try another med.

Maybe I spoke to soon, today I have been pretty sore..... lets hope it is a one off, I have done a lot today so maybe I have overdone it. Bugger Coronation Street is going to 5.30pm because of stupid AUSTRALIAN Masterchief... Anyway I came on here to say something and now I can not remember what it was lol...... Oh and by the way am loving the IPad. Oh and I have nearly finished my first book, it is Paul henry's, oh and it is a real book not an iBook.

Just remembered what I was going to say, my food may be out of control, but I have set myself a goal to be walking 5k's by the end of the year, and my goal is to be doing it 5 days a week. It may not seem like much of a goal but when you are in chronic pain all the time, it will be a huge achievement.


  1. Does it say on the medication no driving? I would ask the people you see if you should be feeling that faint? thats a worry though, BUt would you want LESS pain and to live or NO driving, it's a bugger of a choice.

  2. Thats better easier to read
    Mary H

  3. I am no doubt telling you something you already know, but I just want to make sure!
    Chico cannot walk that far yet! Even once her immunisations are done she will not be able to walk far... I used to put Coco in the pram if I wanted to do a bigger walk than just around the block.

    I am sure you know all that! Just making sure. Got to watch out for me babies!