Thursday, October 13, 2011

Thought it was Saturday....

Cause David has today off...... kids are coming home on Saturday and catching the bus for the first time, am hoping it will work, cause it is cheaper to bus them to Auckland with Andy and I paying 1 way each..... and also I don't need to drive. Will work in the holidays not sure how it will work when they are back at school but will worry about that then. And it also means if one wants to go up a few days earlier or wants to stay a few days more they can. 

Steph's epilepsy seems to be really good now, so I have no fear she will have a seizure and  miss the bus stop lol.... and Chris I think is mature enough to do it as well :-).

Here are some photo's of Chico and Biscuit....

Chico being her lovely good self.....

 Looking so innocent......
 Cant really it see it properly but they were licking each others mouth lol...
Today have the hand therapist, and apart from that not sure what else....... the rain is suppose to clear up today yay, so maybe tomorrow I might get out for a small walk :-). I really need to get moving again. 

And here is how she loves to sleep in the beanbag..... when in the lounge :-), does not look that comfy to me lol.

And speaking of being a good pup, she is now doing more wee's outside than inside now :-), even in the pouring rain lol.

Our clever puppy has dug on the ranch slider twice this morning, and gone straight outside and done a wee...... what a clever girl :-)


  1. awwwwwwwwww how cute is she a little ball of fluff cute.

  2. Hope the weather clears up and you manage to get out for a walk.

  3. How cute in the beanbag. Pleased the 2 pups are getting on
    Mary H

  4. OOOO she is getting all fluffy like Bruiser now. They will all be fluffy now ... *sniff* At least I can follow how Chico grows.