Thursday, October 27, 2011


Went for my walk, and 500m into it my arm started hurting and did so for the rest of the walk, yes I know I should have turned around and came home but I didn't. also my knee was playing up god I hope it is not the CRPS spreading...... anyway walk was slower than others but I have to remember it is not a race, it is about me achieving the distance for now.... anyway walk was 2.41 km's, took me 31.31 minutes at a pace of 13.01 mins/km. Once I hit the 5k's without any pain then I can start racing myself lol.....

I am going to have a shower stick the tens machine on and have panadol throughout the day..... today I have a GP visit to get another work medical certificate, then Chris is of to Wellington on a bus this afternoon, to stay with his mate who is down there, god I hope it goes well as those two together can get up to mischief.... I have told him to keep enough money in his bank account for a bus ride home in an emergency, he thinks he will stay down there till Monday or Tuesday, I think he will be home Saturday or Sunday, as they will get sick of each other lol. 

Food has been so so this week, nothing to bad though, over points but hey...... I am eating far less than what I was before, so thats a bonus :-).

Chico did wonderful with her vaccination, and her nail clipping and her hair being cut around the eyes, the vet said she had a hernia, and that will require surgery, but not urgent, I thought I had noticed a few times when I picked her up she had a lump. But apart from that she is a healthy wee pup. She has to go back for her booster shot for one thing, can't remember the name, something to do with picking up a bug from rats that have been in a waterway, but in 2 weeks she is allowed out and about :-).

I am not sure if I will go for a walk tomorrow, as my arm is so sore, to the point where I have been in tears, so I will need to review the walks maybe do 2 a day but shorter ones or maybe every 2nd day. I hate this f**ning CRPS, went to the GP and another 90 days of work, beginning to think I may never go back.......


  1. I had to laugh at Chico leaves and twigs OUR 5 cats bring in all of that on their fur everyday, and we vaccum everyday!! too

  2. I hope Chris does have a good time.
    How is wee Chico?
    I miss seeing photos of her.